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Hong Kong, Greater Bay Airlines looking for planes

Asian new carrier could debut in 2021

New and also able to attract a lot of curiosity: Hong Kong is getting closer and closer to the launch of the Greater Bay Airlines airline, which we have been hearing about for some time and which could be nearing its "year zero". The contacts made known in recent hours with some leasing companies to search for aircraft that will make up the future fleet make it clear what is in the pipeline. The rumors arriving from Asia refer to the first half of 2021 as the official moment for the departure of the airline; the leasing should mainly concern B-737/800, despite the aircraft in question have been progressively replaced by 737-Max (read also the article published by AVIONEWS), but the reliability demonstrated over time and the investigation of accidents of the 737-Max itself could be decisive for the final choice.

An equally important issue for Greater Bay Airlines is that of hiring. The future Hong Kong carrier is trying to "recruit" 300 employees, an initial base that would be expanded from time to time. The expenditure to be incurred for the safety of personnel and aircraft, finally, should be around 2 billion Hong Kong dollars, that is to say about 260 million US dollars. There is no lack of ambitions, now it will be necessary to understand if they will be translated into reality in an adequate manner.

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