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The first official flight of a flying car

In Slovakia: it is the Klein Vision AirCar plane - VIDEO

A dream that has been pursued for some time and perhaps a first step towards a large-scale diffusion. The flying car has been talked about for some time not suspect, even if what happened in the last few hours could have represented a turning point. The prototype of the Klein Vision company managed to complete its first ever long-distance flight: the vehicle in question is called AirCar and a credible broadcaster such as "CNN" spread the news. There are also photos that testify to what happened, not to mention the video that represents further and credible proof. Klein Vision's flying car was made with a very special design. There are two doors and the roof has quite large dimensions: the wings used, then, can be folded without problems, in addition to the double-arm tail and the fixed propeller that has been mounted in the rear, behind the cockpit. As far as the engine is concerned, the speech is very simple: the engine is nothing more than a 16-horsepower BMW, currently considered the most suitable for such trips. Going more into the details of the flight, AirCar departed from Nitra Airport, Slovakia, to reach the capital Bratislava. The connection took 35 minutes, while the transformation from a car to a real aircraft took 180 seconds. Once it landed at the country's main airport, the vehicle became a car again and traveled the city streets normally. According to reports from Klein Vision, the tests took 40 hours in total, while the highest height ever reached was equal to 2,500 meters. Finally, speed deserves a mention: the maximum peak was reached with almost 200 kilometers per hour (190 to be precise).

Below, the video of the historic flight:

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