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Mi-8 helicopters collide in Libya: two victims

Wounded both on the second aircraft and on the ground

Two Russian-made Mil Mi-8 military helicopters collided yesterday in the Libyan skies, 130 kilometers southeast of Benghazi. It seems that the two aircraft, both in the Libyan National Army (LNA) fleet, were carrying out a purely military mission (there are rumors of a patrol of the southern border of the country, after military action against a Chadian armed opposition group which took place in this area a few days ago); the conditional is a must since the spokesman for the forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar, General Miloud al-Zoua, did not linger on the details when giving the news.

In the impact, the two rotary-wing machines fell to the ground and were destroyed, causing an unspecified number of injured on the ground, as well as the death of the two occupants of a first helicopter, and the wounding of the soldiers on board the second one.

The Mi-8 is a multi-role transport aircraft that entered service with the Soviet armed forces in 1967. Designed to carry out transport and liaison missions, with appropriate modifications it is also capable of carrying out armed escort and special forces support operations. With over 17,000 units distributed in more than 50 countries, it is among the most popular helicopters in the world. With yesterday, Haftar's forces lost three aircraft in a few months, if we also count the incident last May, when a Mig-21 fighter crashed during a military parade killing Jamal bin Amer, a well-known pilot locally, today considered a hero. The two who died yesterday are Buzid Al-Barassi and Milad Al-Asebi.

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