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Russia-Ukraine: Kiev attacks Russian crude oil depot

Military helicopters cross the border and fire missiles at the facility - VIDEO

The Kremlin has accused Ukraine of attacking an oil facility in the Belgorod region, on Russian territory. According to rumors, these were Soviet-made Mil Mi-24 attack aircraft belonging to the Kiev Air Force fleet. Later a fire broke out in the crude oil depot. At the moment there are no injuries or victims. A hundred firefighters in action. 

The attack took place in an area located 50 kilometers across the Ukrainian border. Moscow attributes the responsibility of the raid to the Ukrainian armed forces that would have penetrated Russian airspace. However, Western intelligence sources had warned that the Kremlin was planning attacks against its own cities, under a false flag, to blame Ukraine and mobilize the army. 

In some videos published on the internet, missiles can be seen launched against the crude oil depot and two rotary wing vehicles flying at low altitude over the skies of the city of Belgorod, a major center populated by 369,000 inhabitants. Eight gasoline and diesel tanks were hit. 

Below, the video:

Gic - 1243480

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency