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Ukrainian war: the Greek arms hub

An Italian ship also unloaded armored vehicles this summer

The routes for the supply of war material to Ukraine by the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have in the Greek city of Alexandroupolis, a few kilometers from Turkey, a crucial hub for sorting the crates full of armaments. It is an inhabited center whose port since July 2020 become a military hub where armored vehicles, helicopters, artillery materials sent by the Americans transit. 

"We are proud to have become one of the most important military hubs in Europe". The port's activity, rather modest in recent decades, has "reborn in recent years thanks to American operations" because with the war in Ukraine it then acquired a certain geostrategic importance as an "ideal route between East and West", explains the president of the board of directors of the port, Constantinos Hatzimichail, in an interview with "il Fatto Quotidiano". 

The weapons sent by the United States, through the port, reach Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, without passing through the Black Sea, where the Russian military ships are present, while the passage through the Dardanelles Strait is controlled by Turkey. According to rumors, during the summer of 2022 2400 armaments and other military equipment passed through the port, including an Italian ship that unloaded armored vehicles on the quay. The Americans would thus become the port's main customer.

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