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USA: nuclear fusion and defense breakthrough

Research funded with 5 billion dollars by the American DoD

The United States has made it official that, for the first time in history, a group of American scientists has been able to produce a nuclear fusion reaction that generates more energy than is needed to ignite it. It is a potentially unlimited source of clean energy which in the near future could light up homes and shops, but which also opens up new horizons in the military field. This is the geopolitical aspect of scientific discovery.

“This is a historic achievement for researchers and staff at the National Ignition Facility who have dedicated their careers to seeing fusion ignition become a reality, and this turning point will spark more discoveries. It is an important scientific breakthrough that will lead to progress in national defense and the future of clean energy", said Department of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm .

The rhetoric of the Biden administration's announcement on nuclear fusion is a direct message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in his speeches has repeatedly feared the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons, i.e. miniaturized systems capable of releasing energy up to 30 kilotons (just under 20 for the Hiroshima bomb). A clear warning to the Kremlin: American research is making progress, don't raise the stakes.

To place the experiment in its proper perspective, it is necessary to know that it was the US Department of Defense (DoD) that provided the 5 billion dollar funding. Therefore, the priority mission of the National Ignition Facility was to provide experimental information of military interest to the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), for the technological development of thermonuclear weapons and the management of the nuclear arsenal.

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