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ITA Airways: Lufthansa close to the offer

Today the national air carrier appears to meet the requirements of Cologne

With the publication in the Official Gazette yesterday of the Dpcm on the privatization of the air carrier ITA Airways, the procedure for the sale of the tricolor airline enters a new phase: the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) defined the new limits for the sale, then the ball passes to the German aviation group Lufthansa, the buyer at the moment most quoted, which will now present an offer.

The decree defines a new road map which now fully reviews the procedures for the disposal of the Mef's shareholding in ITA Airways, which currently holds 100% of the airline's capital. The direct negotiation between the Italian Executive and the German airline will be "carried out in several stages, without prejudice to the acknowledgment of the MEF with adequate powers to oversee the pursuit" of the set objectives.

In recent years, the air carrier Lufthansa has always expressed its interest in the Italian market: first for the former Alitalia airline and now for ITA Airways. Now the negotiation could conclude successfully, as today the flag carrier seems to respond to these requirements of Cologne: slimmer, younger and restructured by the State.

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