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Summer 2023: customer complaints rise

Global airlines are pushing lawmakers to take action to limit chaos

As the Summer high season approaches, the demand for travel is getting stronger. And while the number of air connections made every day in the world increases, so does the number of disputes between travelers and airlines. So much so that key stakeholders are urging country governments to push through new legislation and enforce existing rules more rigorously to protect customers. 

In countries like Canada and Germany, since international travel restrictions were lifted, official data from aviation regulatory agencies show that complaints against airlines have reached record levels over the past year. Just look at the case of the German Lufthansa, which in 2022 paid compensation and reimbursements for 331 million euros (there were 25 million in 2021).

Considering that between June and August the demand for travel by passengers will reach its annual peak, bearing in mind the fact that there is still a strong shortage of manpower (pilots, airport workers, technicians), the risk of delayed and canceled flights remains strong , with long lines at congested airports. Therefore, air carriers could be forced to shell out millions of Euros in compensation to travellers. And so, as Canada overhauls consumer protection policies in the airline industry, the United States is writing new rules, while the European Union pushes for greater enforcement of the existing regime.

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