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Canada: firefighting aircraft in action

Eaten up tens of thousands of hectares; smoke and ash also in the USA

There are dozens and dozens of firefighting planes and helicopters in action in Canada, where the flames are devouring about 3.8 million hectares of land and forests throughout the country, especially in the east and west. Critical infrastructure is also under threat. Forced to evacuate tens of thousands of people. So much so that the smoke and ash carried by the wind have created a dense blanket of warm clouds over the cities of the United States. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he spoke to US President Joe Biden on the phone to thank him for his "support" in dealing with the fires. In fact, dozens of aircraft and hundreds of US firefighters have already arrived in Canada and more will join them. There are about 520 firemwn in action and another 150 will join soon. 

"To date, across the country, there are 414 active fires, 239 of which are out of control" addes Trudeau. In the province of Quebec alone, men and equipment are in action to put out the 40 fires currently active, out of a total of 150 that have flared up in recent weeks. Approximately 11,400 people have been evacuated and another 4,000 will be evacuated shortly. The riskiest season for the development of fires begins in the worst possible way: unusually early and intense. So much so that Canada is on track to record its worst year ever.

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