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Amsterdam Airport: Iata against flight restrictions

Walsh: "Decision be postponed until the government is installed" after the elections

The International Air Transport Association (Iata) has responded to the flights limit request made by the management company of Amsterdam-Schiphol airport. The organization has asked that the final decision be made after the national elections scheduled for November 22, 2023. So that the next government, once the electoral campaign is over, can carefully evaluate such restrictions on traffic in the skies.

"It is essential that any decision is postponed until a fully functioning government with a new mandate is in place. Only then can this complex proposal be carefully considered, once the legal issues, including all publicly available facts and implications, have been resolved "Sufficient time is needed for the airline industry to adapt, if necessary, when the final decision is known", said Willie Walsh, IATA's director general.

The International Air Transport Association has warned that limiting the number of flights, requested by the government to tackle noise and environmental pollution, will have serious consequences for passenger and cargo operations, if the cuts are implemented hastily. For this reason Iata has brought the matter before the Supreme Court of Cassation. For its part, the organization has advised the use of quieter aircraft and anti-noise procedures. 

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