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Amsterdam airport: stop to private planes

Unexpected decision by the companies that operate business flights

Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport would like to dispense with the "hop-on hop-off" culture of businessmen, celebrities and sports stars. In April, the operator of the largest airport in the Netherlands announced that it will ban the transit of private planes, as well as that of saying enough to night flights from 2026. A decision that could set a precedent for private aviation all over the world.

"I realize our choices may have significant implications for the aviation industry, but they are necessary. This shows we mean business", Ruud Sondag, interim Chief Executive Officer of airport operator Royal Schiphol Group, said recently in a statement. 

An unexpected decision for many charter companies, which have Schiphol as one of the main destinations for business flights in Europe today. The ban on the use of the take-off and landing runways will be formalized by 2026. The decision aims to reduce air and noise pollution in the capital, in response to government policies. However, it is likely that the aircraft will relocate to nearby Den Haag or Lelystad airports, still burdening Dutch territory.

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