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Israel: Biden's visit to avoid war

Mission impossible: summit with pro-Palestinian countries cancelled after hospital attack

US President Joe Biden's plane is landed in the Middle East. His aim is to try to moderate Israel's military retaliation against the Palestinians, urging the resumption of dialogue between the parties in conflict and preventing the escalation of violence from spreading to a regional level, involving neighboring countries. However, the bombing of a hospital in Gaza (500 dead and 300 injured) upset Washington's plans.

This is the program of Biden's visit: this morning the meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while the Amman summit in Jordan, where the head of the White House was supposed to meet the Palestinian President Abu Mazen, Jordanian King Abdullah II, and Egyptian President Al Sisi. The failure to meet makes it more difficult to defuse the risk of a possible regional conflict involving Lebanon and Iran.

It is "in everyone's interest" to postpone the summit in Jordan. "The people expect that a summit of this kind will be able to respond to their demands to stop this war", explained Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, interviewed by the television station "Al Jazeera". A setback, also because yesterday the American Secretary of State Antony Blinken had shared, with the Middle Eastern countries and Israel, a plan to allow the entry of humanitarian aid to civilians trapped in Gaza. But the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza remains closed.

Meanwhile, according to Tel Aviv the explosion that occurred yesterday in the al-Ahli hospital in Gaza was caused by a defective rocket launched yesterday at 6.59pm by Islamic Jihad. The Palestinian militia group Hamas has announced that the toll from Israeli army attacks on the Gaza Strip has risen to at least 3,200 dead and around 11,000 injured since the fighting began.

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