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The 2023 was the year of AI

At least 86% of airlines collaborate with companies to develop advanced services

The 2023 was the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Al least 86% of air carriers today collaborate with companies for the development of advanced services: 39% have already implemented new technologies, while the remaining 47% will do so by the end of 2026. It is what emerges from new data from "IT Insights 2023" by Sita aero company.

The study was led by an innovation team from Sita Lab and is based on insights from across the transport sector, Sita's global research and the latest proof of concept projects for cutting-edge technology services. The analysis has thus identified the most powerful changes that will drive the evolution of the travel sector by 2033: from machine learning to computer vision.

As for airlines, only a small 3% of companies declared that they have no intention of investing in artificial intelligence technologies, while 97% are carrying out research and development programs. On the airport side, 16% already use AI and machine learning to improve decision-making, while another 51% confirmed their intention to implement such solutions by the end of 2026.

Furthermore, 32% of airlines are studying future mobility with air taxis, while 33% are already investing in integration technologies for flight operations. As regards airports: 32% confirm study and research programs on this front, while 26% have invested in technologies for the integration of eVtol.

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