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Boeing contracts inspections on B-737 Max airplanes

Group will allow client companies to view aircraft factories

The American Boeing Group has sent a team of inspectors to the American company Spirit AeroSystems, which creates and installs plug doors on the fuselages of 737 Max planes, like the one that exploded in recent days on board the Alaska Airlines aircraft . The initiative seeks to respond to the request for greater safety from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), American politics and customers around the world. 

Boeing has also contracted an external firm to review its product quality management systems. Furthermore, the manufacturer announced that it will allow customer companies to control the safety procedures followed in the production lines of the factories where the B-737 Max aircraft are assembled, in particular the Max 9 version of the aircraft. 

At the moment, US investigators have not yet officially clarified the causes of the incident which occurred on January 5, when the door of the B-737 Max 9 aircraft (registration number N704AL) of the US company Alaska Airlines (flight AS1282) detached in flight, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing at the departure airport. Now Boeing is trying to limit the damage to its reputation. 

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