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Sweden will supply planes and technology to Hungary

Gripen military aircraft and creation of a virtual reality center in Eastern Europe - DATA SHEET

The Swedish Ministry of Defense and the Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab have recently signed a contract for the purchase of a further four Gripen C military combat aircraft which will be destined for the Hungarian armed forces. The order has an estimated value of approximately 26.8 million euros. The deal was signed shortly before Budapest overwhelmingly approved Sweden's membership in NATO.

"With the Gripen fighter, Hungary has one of the most capable air forces in Europe. We continue our close collaboration with the Hungarian government and the defense industry", commented Micael Johansson, president and CEO of Saab.

This agreement, between the Swedish Defense Materials Administration (Fmv, Försvarets materialilverk) and the aircraft manufacturer, modifies a contract signed in 2021 for 14 Gripen military aircraft (in the C and D versions): the number of this planes will rise to 18 the ones present in the fleet of the Hungarian armed forces. The Eastern European country is in fact fundamental for the protection and defense of the airspace of the Atlantic Alliance, which intends to limit possible Russian expansions.

Furthermore, as an industrial offset, Saab and the Hungarian Defense have signed a protocol for the creation of a center of excellence for Virtual Reality Technology in Hungary. The Swedish manufacturer currently has a contract with FMV regarding support for Budapest's Gripen aircraft and is ready to provide further upgrades and support for the Hungarian fighters beyond 2035.

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The Gripen aircraft technical data sheet is attached at the bottom of this news.

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