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Amsterdam Airport: controversy over anti-noise measures

Airlines KLM and Transavia point point an accusing finger at limitations wanted by the government

Harsh criticism from some airlines against the Dutch government for the anti-noise restrictions placed at Amsterdam-Schiphol airport. Dutch airlines KLM and Transavia have pointed an accusing finger at the following measures: night flights limited to 27,000; night ban for large aircraft; daytime stop periods for two of the airport's runways; potential partial closure at night by November 2026.

The protest comes after the Dutch Infrastructure Minister, Mark Harbers, announced that the government was finalizing a package of new provisions that tighten the restrictions recently implemented in Amsterdam in recent days. A decision that follows a ruling by the Hague court of 20 March 2024, according to which greater attention must be paid to the rights of residents regarding noise pollution.

This will have various repercussions for airlines operating at Schiphol: from November 2024 KLM will have to use quieter planes to operate in the evening hours; the number of nocturnal movements was further reduced (today 32,000); noisy aircraft such as the B-747/400 will be taxed (furthermore it will not be able to fly between 11pm and 7am); airlines will have to replace part of their fleets with quieter aircraft.

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