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Ryanairization: necessary or just a pretext?

Ryanair advanced against all governments that do not align with the low-cost’s requests -VIDEO

The idea of introducing minimum prices for airline tickets is "completely insane", says Michael O'Leary, CEO of Ryanair.

A minimum price would affect the free movement of people in Europe, he says in a conversation with "Nieuwsuur", a Dutch topical television program.
After Austria, Holland also proposes to set a minimum price for airline tickets sold in the Netherlands.

The proposal comes from the Green political coalition D66 and ChristenUnie, which believes that no airline should be able to charge less than EUR 34 per flight ticket.

"There is a good chance that after the crisis, the airlines, to maintain the routes and to fill the planes, will do stunts with the ticket prices" said D66 MP Jan Paternotte, underlining the importance of his concern, above all in environmental terms.

The proposed law will almost certainly be able to count on the support of all left-wing parties, and there is a good chance that a majority will also be obtained in Parliament.

The main objective of the Dutch green coalition is to ensure that the aviation sector, in response to the Covid-19 crisis, becomes more environmentally sustainable.

According to the CEO of the low-cost airline in Europe, Michael O'Leary instead, the Dutch government's plan "is crazy" and from "North Korea" and relaunches in a joke addressed to the Dutch government asking if the Netherlands also intend to double the prices in "Ikea" and supermarkets.

"MEPs calling for higher ticket prices to protect KLM's high-cost bankruptcy business model simply have to resign and go to work in North Korea".

Ryanair, also in the Netherlands, as well as in all the Member States that seek to create a regulated Air Transport, respectful of workers, consumer rights and environmentally sustainable, takes advantage to confuse public opinion, criticizing governments for the decision to support the National Carriers and threatens to challenge these decisions at the European Court of Justice.

Michael O'Leary in an interview on the Dutch television, in which he severely condemned State aid to national carriers, a few days ago admitted, in clear words, that he closed the base of Eindhoven in the Netherlands as a spite of the trade union’s activity.

The Dutch unions, at the end of the interview, had expressed great concern about the serious interference of these multinationals with national policies, denouncing them to take advantage of the serious economic crisis to generate and aggravate the social crisis already underway and asking the EU to support the creation of a set of minimum social standards to which all companies must comply.

The same request comes from the Italian trade unions which, just in these days, are waiting, together with all the workers in the sector, for the decision of the Italian Parliament, which will have to express itself on the amendments relating to Air Transport, made to the “Relaunch” Decree.

"It is necessary ... to approve this decree as it is and to immediately enter into the merits of the reorganization of the airport system, in order to rebalance the value chain", declared Ivan Viglietti Italian Uiltrasporti Secretary and on the same line had expressed concerns also Fabrizio Cuscito, Filt CGIL Italian Secretary: “with these amendments the possibility would be given once again to those who establish their headquarters in tax havens to continue to make millions of profits to be brought abroad, while causing unemployment and insecurity of a large part of workers in the sector". 

Now the last word belongs to the Italian Parliament, even if Ryanair and the other low cost companies, through the newly formed AICALF Association, could reserve further surprises.

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