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China strongly believes in the "aerial" Silk Road

Airlines have great potential in this regard

A Silk Road of the skies: this is the project in which China believes with great conviction, so much so that it speaks extensively of "Aerial Silk Road" as a strategy for relaunching the domestic economy. According to media of Asian country, a series of air links are being envisaged for an all-round service covering Europe, Asia and the United States. The city of Zhengzhou will be the nerve center of this whole project, with the forecast of 23 weekly flights that can “unite” the different areas of the world. Zhou Lihong, head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the European Union, added some other interesting details to the press.

The potential of this “version” of the Silk Road would be enormous and useful for guaranteeing and facilitating point-to-point trade. Compared to land and sea, this alternative that uses the sky would be perfect for minimizing the geographical limits that, for example, would arise at sea. The contribution has already been invaluable during the most difficult months of the coronavirus pandemic; the masks and machinery transported in this way have allowed to save many lives and others could still be protected. The premises are intriguing, all that remains to do is carefully observe the evolution of the sector.

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