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What happens at Heathrow Airport

Hiring and "Brexit" among causes of gridlock at one of Europe's leading airports

Britain's Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have ordered airlines, under threat of fines, to reduce the number of flight connections to avoid delays and last-minute cancellations. Yet disruptions at UK airports continue. So London-Heathrow Airport limited its operations to 100,000 passengers per day yesterday. 

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kay explained that the decision stemmed from the fact that some airlines had taken the necessary measures. Even yesterday, the departure schedule included 104,000 daily flights, and only some passengers were moved to other flights or to other stopovers. In any case, it was decided to take action to prevent a worsening of the problems already seen during the busy summer period.

"In recent weeks, when departing passengers have regularly exceeded 100,000, we have seen situations where the level of service has dropped to unacceptable levels: long queues, waiting for passengers who need assistance, luggage arriving late or not at all, poor punctuality and many last-minute cancellations", Holland-Kay said. 

The situation is particularly bad in Britain for two reasons: partly because of the complexity of security and anti-terrorism checks slows down the process of hiring qualified personnel, or those who need to be trained for such tasks. The other reason is "Brexit", which has drained the pool of potential employees from which the British air transport industry could draw.

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