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Piaggio Aerospace: summit in the Municipality

We are looking for a plan for the reintegration of workers into work in Genoa

A fruitful meeting took place yesterday between the unions and the Municipality of Genoa regarding the re-employment of workers from the Piaggio Aerospace company. Various possibilities were put on the table: the reintegration of personnel in the aviation sector and in the "Cristoforo Colombo" airport of Genoa-Sestri. It would now be necessary to match the needs of supply and demand. In any case, a solution on this issue is long overdue.

"I am very satisfied with this meeting, because I saw on both sides the desire to find an effective and collaborative solution in the interests of the 180 Piaggio workers, their families and our Genoa", declared the Economic Development assessor, Mario Mascia, during the meeting. 

"We want to protect professionalism and jobs -he added- and we want to do so by developing new synergies and renewing those already in place. Piaggio workers have know-how that must be protected. There are profiles whose training upgrade can be fundamental with a view to their future and this can also be guaranteed thanks to the help of certifying bodies such as Enac as well as the Liguria Region". 

Present at the meeting were the representatives of the workers of the CGIL, CISL and UIL acronyms, and the general director of the Genoa airport management company, Francesco D'Amico who made himself available "to act as a facilitator of logistical and work synergies between the workers of Piaggio and customers who need services in the maintenance sector, which represents Piaggio's main core business in Genoa". 

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