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Dangerous flights over the Black Sea: a Russian aircraft at less than two meters from a US EP-3

The Su-27 also forced the American aircraft to fly through its wake

It happened yesterday, Monday January 29th, and it was Us Naval Forces Europe-Africa, the US Command that coordinates military operations in Europe and Africa to report the news: a Russian Su-27 fighter intercepted an American EP-3 approaching it dangerously at even less than two meters, and crossing the route of the US aircraft, forcing it to fly through its wake turbulence.

The "close" encounter lasted for about two hours and fourty minutes and took place on the waters of the Black Sea, in international airspace and in which both aircraft were allowed to operate. The US Command has emphasized, however, that the Russian military did not comply with international standards for the prevention of risks and accidents, increasing the danger of collisions; in particular it recalled the need to respect the bilateral INCSEA agreement for the prevention on accidents on and over the high seas -both at sea and in the sky-, signed in 1972 between the United States and Russia with the aim of reducing the possibility of accidents and avoiding an escalation if they occur.

The EP-3 is the signals reconnaissance version of the Lockheed Martin's P-3 Orion, a four-engine turboprop for maritime patrol and anti-submarine which was built since the 1960s; being 32.28 meters long and with a wingspan of 30.36 meters it flies at a cruising speed of 650 km/h and reaches a maximum speed of 780 km/h. The crew on board is numerous, over twenty-two people.

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