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Australia: contract for JSF project

The RAAF has ordered 72 aircraft

:The Joint Strike Fighter project has been a boon for Australian industry, and local companies have now secured more than $1 billion of contracts to supply parts and equipment for the industry. 

The Australian Defence Industry Minister announced that more than 50 Australian companies directly shared in production contracts while scores of sub-contractors have also been involved throughout the supply-chain. In addition to this, the Minister announced that the number of local jobs supported by the JSF work would more than double to 5000 by 2023. 

Australian manufacturers are making parts that will be fitted to ever F-35 aircraft in production. One of the most significant contributors is Victorian engineering firm Marand, which produces vertical trails for the aircraft. The Royal Australian Air Force has ordered 72 F-35 airplanes to replace the F/A 18 classic Hornet, at a cost of $17 billion. Three aircraft are undergoing testing and training operations in the US, with the first two expected to arrive in Australia in December. Ice Sydney reported it yesterday.

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