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Flying kites at Miami Airport...

It is its latest art installation

When passengers traveling through Miami International Airport’s Concourse E-Satellite look up, they will now see a flock of kite-like structures hovering above. No, MIA doesn’t have a new open-air concourse. Rather, it’s the airport’s latest art installation - "Ando Volando" (I’m Flying), by Miami-based artist Emilio Adán Martínez. The new installation has a companion display titled "Andan Volando" (They Are Flying), located inside Concourse D.

Both installations -constructed with paper, string and Australian pine branches- transform seemingly delicate sculptural pieces into floating works of art. Resembling kites and boats that suggest the idea of flight, the works comment on the concept of travel and on the fleeting passage of time through life, space and dimension.

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