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China, is it the J-31 aircraft the future of naval aviation?

It could be the "stealth" plane to replace the old J-15s

China intends to develop a new fighter aircraft it could be loaded on the Chinese navy aircraft carrier in order to replace the J-15, which has had a continuous series of accidents and mechanical failures in flight and not. Not having a plane on board means limiting the operational capabilities of the navy in the Pacific and Indian.

The J-15 was built based on the prototype of the Russian fourth-generation aerial superiority aircraft Sukhoi Su-33, which has a design of more than 30 years ago. The Chinese fighter is bulid by Shenyang, part of the state-owned aviation industry. Its maximum take-off capacity - actually 33 tons - meant that the J-15 was the first airplane for this feature, but decidedly inferior to the others in terms of reliability and modernity.

As reported by the "South China Morning Press", China needs to develop a new aircraft in order to respond fully to the navy's ambitions, and to defend Chinese interests around the world. The goal would be to replace the J-15 with the smallest and lightest J-31, fifth-generation aircraft with -presented-stealth capacity that made its first flight in 2012 always produced by Shenyang, which was "inspired" for design at the F-35.

The problems could however continue for the Chinese navy to be there because if on the one hand it is true that the J-15 is a problematic and dangerous aircraft, on the other side the J-31 has not yet entered service and during the exhibition flights he showed those that might seem like design flaws.

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