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F-22: too few aircraft available for the Usaf

Only 80 ready to fly on 187, but also due to organizational methods

According to a study by the GAO (General Accounting Office) of United States on 187 fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor the USAF (US Air Force) would have on average only about eighty, above all due to the maintenance complexity of the aircraft, especially in the treatment of stealth surfaces. This isn't the reason, however, because even the ways of use that makes the USAF of its main hunt ensure that availability is low: in fact the management of the F-22 is based on a different concept from the old idea of flocks used with non-fifth generation aircraft.

Usually in the United States a flock consists of 3 squadrons of 24 airplanes each, so as to efficiently allow the rotation between the operational, those intended for training and those in maintenance. With the F-22, however, the concept has changed, reducing both the number of squadrons to 2 and the number of aircraft available, which varies between 18 and 21 fighter planes. In doing so, however, efficiency is decidedly lower, also because pilots should "perform 270 days of training every 21 missions carried out", as the Gao analysis points out.

Numbers that are almost never reached. This has led to gaps in actual operational missions, since air-to-air combat training is vital to getting the best out of the F-22. The Usaf should -despite long maintenance- find a way to make squadrons more efficient with these fifth generation fighters, especially to make the planes available for pilots training more.

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