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US: one plane to replace three in service

These are the aims of the US Air Force -ATTACHMENT

Among the US Air Force (USAF) programs there is the replacement of the Boeing E-4B command plane (Advanced Airborne Command Post) -built on the basis of a B-747/200B-, of the Boeing C-32A transport airplane -known as Air Force Two and developed by the B-757/200- and Boeing E-6B Mercury of the US Navy -derived from the B-707. All within a single program that will lead to the development of an aircraft that can combine the peculiarities and operational capabilities of the three that preceded it.

The name at the moment -as reported by "Defense News"- is NEAT and the request for information from the command materials Usaf was published last Tuesday, to complete the requests made during the month of April to replace the old aircraft supplied with a new one. The document doesn't explain the characteristics that the aircraft must have, but some very specific characteristics are required of the companies wishing to take part in the tender -such as the experience and the ability to propose a feasible technical solution.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is also conducting an analysis of the alternatives, so as to be able to identify how to reduce costs while increasing operational effectiveness. But at the moment it is still a request for information that advanced by the aeronautics that will have to be examined by the Pentagon and the US Government before it can be transformed into a real tender.

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