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Pakistan: buyers are looking for the JF-17 Thunder aircraft

Exhibition to Radom to try to intrigue Poland

An exhibition aimed at finding possible buyers in Poland, the one carried out by the Sino-Pakistani fighter jet JF-17 Thunder during the "Radom International Airshow" on Sunday. Painted with the color scheme that resumed the flag of Pakistan, the aircraft has performed in a series of acrobatics aimed at demonstrating its potential and its capabilities in flight.

The multirole aircraft developed and produced by the Chinese Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group and the Pakistani Pakistan Aeronautical Complex was also present in the static exhibition on the ground, to arouse curiosity in the present and to try to attract the attention of the Polish Air Force, which must replace the old MiG -29 Russians. The main competitor for the Pakistani aircraft will be the well-tested -but older- US F-16, considered not to be the favored candidate.

But the low-cost of the JF-17 - about half of its rival - could turn Poland on this car that would find a new buyer: the first non-Asian or African. Currently the Sino-Pakistani fighter is employed by the Air Force of Pakistan, Myanmar and Nigeria, and was designed specifically to try to enter the world market given the possibility of being equipped with air-to-air missiles built in the West.

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