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USA: first operational tests for the F-35C on board of the USS Lincoln

Exercises to evaluate skills in high intensity missions

For the first time on board of the USS "Abraham Lincoln", the F-35Cs are used into a Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA-125) for conducted operational tests along with the other aircraft on board the US Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The exercises were used to test the fifth generation aircraft in the operating theater and its effective effectiveness in supporting the other airplanes in flight, possible thanks to the electronic capabilities of the highest level.

For the US Navy, starting to use the F-35C is important both to start working to replace the "old" F/A-18E and /F, and to equip the aviation of a new generation aircraft with capacity on paper almost unlimited. Especially for support tasks in operations, since the JSF can transmit any information that is collected to all airplanes in flight and troops engaged on the ground, improving overall efficiency of the US military.

The tests carried out on board the US Lincoln also allowed to perform joint operations between the Lightning II, the Super Hornet and the E-2D Hawkeye, giving way to the senior naval officers to evaluate the ability to integrate machines and systems so different between of them in an operating environment. Furthermore, these tests have also allowed us to understand the progress of the F-35C to evaluate the timing of its real deployment on board the US aircraft carrier; for this we must wait a few more years.

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