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Mattis again threatens Turkey to block the F-35 delivery

In the meantime however the first Turkish pilot flew on the plane

The US Secretary of Defense James Mattis is back today again on the purchase of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile defense system by Turkey, expressing once again its deepest concern because: "They are bringing a Russian system into a NATO Country, but we can not integrate it into our defensive structures".

A fact that causes concern in all the other member states of the Atlantic Alliance, but especially to the United States that have sent back to the Ankara government a warning to abandon the acquisition plan of the S-400, otherwise they will automatically trigger the sanctions that will affect also deliveries to the Turkish Air Force of the F-35 aircraft.

But while the political controversy goes on in the Luke AFB, Arizona, a Turkish aviator piloted the fifth generation aircraft for the first time, as part of the pilot training that is continuing as forecast in the United States. In addition to this flight baptism, the Pentagon has announced that the Turkish Air Force's maintenance staff is also training for aircraft repairs, so that if Turkey's deliveries are not stopped, Turkey will have no problems with the use of plane.

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