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Lockheed Martin: the cost of the F-35 aircraft is still decreasing

Reached the 80 million dollars for aircraft

With the start of mass production and with the operational entry into the aviation fleets, the cost of the Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft is expected to decrese to 80 million dollars each for the "A" version, the traditional take-off and landing model. A reduction in the purchase price of $ 9.2 million compared to the current one but above all will give way to continue to follow the trend that sees the cost decrease for three consecutive years, depreciating by 15% compared to 2015. The goal of Lockheed Martin is to reach the same economic band of fourth generation aircraft and this could be achieved by 2025, guaranteeing savings to those who buy the F-35 but above all will ensure the continuation of this program much debated by the public and from the politics of the participating countries (not only in Italy, but also in the United Kingdom and in the United States there have been many criticisms). What is certain is that the new possible orders for the F-35 coming from Japan (about 107 new fifth-generation aircraft in the "A" and "B" versions) and from Belgium contribute to the expected price decrease.

In addition, even the highest production rate has lowered the cost so that in 2018 40% more aircraft were delivered compared to 2017; expected trend also for the next year when at least 130 F-35 should be delivered compared to 91 of the current year. Great steps forward that will speed up their entry into service, decreasing waiting times but especially the costs associated with what is one of the most expensive programs in the history of military aviation.

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