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Airlines change routes because of US-Iranian tension

Alitalia redirects plane to Delhi

Threat in the skies of Iran is real. The ongoing military activity has increased the fear that Tehran could launch ballistic missiles against civilian airplanes flying in the area. After US Federal Aviation Administration FAA has prohibited its carriers flying over the Persian Gulf until further communications, European airlines are now also modifying their routes. Several companies have already declared that they will adhere to the ruling issued by the American regulator and will avoid the area. United Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, the Australian Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines, the German Lufthansa, British Airways, the Dutch KLM, the Japanese carriers Japan Airlines and ANA. They all have announced that will not fly over the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman, and will reroute passengers. Alitalia has also decided to change route of the flight Rome-Delhi, without this leading to particular delays.

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