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Emirates A-380 aircraft landed today in Oman

On the Dubai-Muscat route: 40 minute flight time covering 340 km

Emirates has launched a double daily service with the A-380 double-decker aircraft from Dubai to Muscat (Oman). The EK 862 and EK 864 flights, landed today, were greeted with the traditional water cannon. This service will be the shortest in the world with the largest airplane in the world: it will in fact travel only 340 km each way for a flight duration of just 40 minutes.

Curiosity about the flight

The distance that the flight travels (about 340 km) is so short for an airplane so large that, if we add the length of all the cables and wires inside the A-380, we will get over 500 km, about 160 km in more than route.

The A-380's double daily service highlights the modern infrastructure of the International Airport in Muscat, capable of managing the operations of aircraft arriving and departing. Over 4.7 million passengers have flown to Emirates between Muscat and Dubai from 1993 to the present, which is equal to the transport capacity of people over 9000 A-380s. Both aircraft flying to Muscat will have a three-class configuration.

Over 25,000 catering items are loaded onto the airline's plane to be served on flights between Dubai and Muscat.

The flight time between Dubai and Muscat, about 40 minutes, is 5 minutes longer than the time taken to clean an A-380 by a team of 42 people.

Since 2008, the UAE carrier has transported over 150,000 tons of goods between Muscat and Dubai, which is more than the weight of 260 A-380, when each plane is at its maximum weight.

The carrier offers three daily flights between Dubai and Muscat, connecting passengers to over 150 global destinations in the Far East, Europe and the United States. The airline is among the world's largest A-380 operators with 111 flying 57 cities from Dubai.

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