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UAV aircraft. China tests mail delivery via amphibious drone

A capillary system is being planned that will serve the most peripheral islands - VIDEO

It is being tested from Shanghai to Shengsi Island, the archipelago located in the Bay of Hangzhou, in the East China Sea, to develop a widespread system for delivering mail from the mainland to the most peripheral islands of the Nation using amphibious UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, at remote control). These will mainly fly over water, which will eliminate concerns related to the safety of drone flights on the urban areas of the mainland.

The China Post project is supported by Shanghai UVS Intelligence System (UVS), a company specializing in large UAV aircraft, which participated in the tests with a U-650 cargo drone that carried goods weighing 200 kilos from Shanghai precisely to Shengsi islands in just 52 minutes, against the two-three hours needed to make the same deliveries by boat. In the coming months the tests will continue up to the outer islands of China's east coast.

The U-650, the manufacturer declared it, is based on the modified Spanish Colyaer Freedom S100 ultralight amphibious aircraft, and to be maneuvered it needs, like all drones, a ground control station, which in this case can also be placed on an equipped van. Uvs also proposes this aircraft to carry payloads for military and parastatal missions, such as disturbing electronic equipment, sonar, missiles, search and rescue radars, or life rafts.

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