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Moon eclipses and passages from the ISS tonight

50 years after the Apollo 11 mission, a partially obscured moon disk

This evening, July 16th, exactly 50 years after the mission that brought the man to the Moon, the lunar disk will be partly obscured by the shadow of the Earth. A historical event celebrated with synchronicity and coincidence from the Moon. The phases of the event foresee that at about 8:44 pm the Moon will insert itself into the cone of shadow; at 10 pm we will see the actual eclipse with the maximum effect at 11:30 pm and the end will occur around 2:20 am.

Paolo Volpini from the Union of Italian Amateur Astronomers declared that it will be possible to see, at the same time, also two passages of the Space Station: "from 21:25 the first, just above Saturn and the Moon will be observable by central-southern Italy, while the second transit will be visible just north of Rome by the whole Italy at 10:58 pm".

Many events born for the coincidence organized by the Italian Amateur Union with  the National Institute of Astrophysics and numerous associations: starting at 21:30, it will be possible to observe the eclipse Moon from the telescope located in Rome on the Fabricio bridge of the Tiber Island. However, for the observation of the satellite there is no need for particularly complex instruments: it will be visible to the naked eye, but it is advisable to go far from the cities.

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