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Dakota C-53 plane trapped from the II War on the Swiss Alps

It will emerge in 16 years and could provide information on the movements of the Gauli glacier

During the Second World War, an American military aircraft Dakota C-53 felt on the Bernese Alps in the Oberland.  According to studies it will emerge from the ice in 16 years. Following the accident in 1946 there were fortunately no victims, but it was decided to leave the plane in that place to study the movements of the Gauli glacier. In 2018 some portions of the aircraft came to light, including an engine and parts of the wings.

According to calculations made by the researchers of the Federal Polytechnic of Zurich, the fuselage will surface one kilometer away from the site of the impact between 2027 and 2035.

Below  the video uploaded on 11 July by the Eth Zürich:

RC3 - 1223102

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