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Asteroid fragment has been disintegrated over Canada

Debris could provide useful information about the origin of the Universe -VIDEO

A small asteroid fragment measuring just 30 centimeters has disintegrated over Canada. By the time it became visible, the "fireball" moved at an altitude of 58 miles above the northern shore of Lake Ontario at a speed of 55,000 miles for hour, generating a radiance similar to the full Moon. The object in the explode spread debris in the Ontario countryside near Bancroft, and according to Nasa it came from the "Main belt of asteroids", a region of the Solar System located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The incident was filmed by the University of Western Ontario and the professor of physics and astronomy Peter Brown reported that the fragment penetrated very deeply into the atmosphere before disintegrating, and invited local people to collect the scattered debris on the ground as of considerable scientific interest for research on the formation and evolution of the Universe.

See on youtube the animated reconstruction of the arrival of the asteroid carried out by the University:

RC3 - 1223330

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency