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Putin will send more than 100 military aircraft and helicopters to the Crimea

A spectacular demonstration of Russian strength - VIDEO

A spectacular military exercise is scheduled for August 6: more than 100 aircraft between aeronautical airplanes and helicopters and Russian missile defense forces will simulate the attack of a hypothetical enemy in Crimea, southern Russia, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It is not the first time that Russia shows its air skills in the Crimea: at the beginning of this month, more than 2000 paratroopers landed at the Naimanskaya military site near the Black Sea, while the aviation troops were training for a possible invasion.

A decision that seems a further response to  the "Sea Breeze", a military training project that involved in a series of joint military exercises with 19 US countries on the Black Sea in July: Russia had simultaneously started its naval training in the same waters .

Below, a video on "Sea Breeze":

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