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Seagulls pose a serious threat to the drones

In Paris numerous incidents between Police UAS and birds - VIDEO

In Paris the seagulls are starting to represent a problem for security: according to an article from "Le Parisien" appeared yesterday August 6, there are more than a dozen accidents between the birds and the police drone planes. The scarcity of food on the coasts is causing seagulls to go to the French capital to get food from the rubbish and the birds exchange drones for other birds, considering them a possible meal or dangerous "intruders" especially during nesting periods.

While in Nice the remote piloted aircraft have been used since 2016 to reach and sprinkle the nests with a gel substance able to dull and sterilize the eggs, the videos of the attacks are multiplied on the web with measures to be taken to limit accidents: use colors lively on the drone, place devices that emit high-frequency waves, try to rise above 30 meters (this type of bird flies at lower altitudes when procuring food).

Below, a video of a drone attacked by a seagull:

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