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France will send experts to Saudi Arabia

The specialists will investigate the responsibility for the attacks

While the United States and Saudi Arabia accuse Iran of being responsible for the drone aircraft attacks on Aramco tankers (see AVIONEWS), Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced today on September 19 that France will send seven military experts such as explosives, missile trajectory and ground-to-air defense systems specialists to Riyad to investigate about it. He added that the claim by the Houthi rebels in Yemen to be the only ones responsible for the blasts to Saudi oil structures is "not very credible".

France before the bombings to the oil power plants had extended a hand to Iran offering a package of USD 15 billion (see AVIONEWS) to compensate the country for the sales of "black gold" lost due to the American sanctions that continue to increase by strangling the economy of Tehran.

Iran will be forced to completely change its attitude towards the world: on September 4 it had threatened to violate the 2015 nuclear agreement if mediation had not been found on US sanctions (see AVIONEWS).

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