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Plane pilots film alleged USA ballistic missile launch

From the cabin of a Mexican Airlines passenger aircraft -2 VIDEO

Curiosity from the web: the alleged launch, witnessed by a video released on youtube, according to the Russian press and an American portal, would have happened at the beginning of last September

Pilots of a Mexican Airlines Airbus passenger plane filmed and posted the alleged launch of an American D5 Trident II ballistic missile. The incident took place at the beginning of September while, according to the Russian press that today resumes the portal "The Drive", the aircraft was making a night route between Guadalajara and Tijuana, Mexico. The video taken from the perspective of the cockpit of the airliner, shows how the Trident missile rises from the Pacific Ocean pointing to the west. Two distinct phases of separation of the rocket stages would clearly be visible.

The footage would be part of the launch of at least four ballistic missiles carried out between September 4th and 9th by the US Navy "USS Nebraska" missile submarine off northern California, as the video below shows. Below, however, we are releasing the video by Mexican Airlines pilots who, in addition to the images, also report their conversation.

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