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Proton-M launched with European and US satellites on board

From Baikonur. The 19th Russian space launch and the 4th in 2019 for the rocket -2 VIDEO

Proton-M, the Russian carrier rocket, was launched today by the Baikonur Kazakh cosmodrome with Eutelsat5 West B, a telecommunications satellite produced by Airbus Defense and Space and Northrop Grumman on behalf of the European satellite operator, and the technological unit American satellite Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (Mev-1), always produced by Northrop Grumman but on behalf of its subsidiary SpaceLogistics (LLC). This is the 19th Russian space launch and the fourth for Proton-M, initially scheduled for September 30, but postponed because the electrical tests revealed technical problems. As explained by the general manager of the Russian space agency Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, the problem was linked to the interface between the Breeze-M national control system and the spacecraft electronics.

Eutelsat 5 West B is expected to operate for 15 years in a geostationary orbit at 5 degrees longitude west providing communication services to France, Italy and Algeria. The same duration also for Mission Extension Vehicle-1 which is expected to provide services to extend the life of satellites in geostationary orbit. The first to be interested will be the Intelsat 901, whose service life with the help of Mev-1 will increase by five years. More details in the videos below.

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