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FAA: revolutionizing approach to aircraft certification

"Holistic" attitude and open to dialogue with manufacturers

US air safety regulators are considering radically modifying aircraft certification procedures after incidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia with Boeing B-737 Max aircraft that caused the death of 346 people in all (see AVIONEWS).

The head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Stephen Dickson said that he wanted to adopt a more holistic approach to controls as well as the possibility of involving FAA in the design of a new aircraft from the beginning by encouraging dialogue with the manufacturers of planes. He also made it known that a crucial role is played by the ability to predict "human errors" and behavioral factors such as the speed with which pilots are able to react in certain emergency situations. "This had to happen a long time ago", he added. "The current certification system provides producers with a list of rules they must comply with, but FAA is often introduced at the end only at the project evaluation stage", concluded Dickson.

According to the source, embracing this approach could cost around USD 10 billions.

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