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Covid-19 effect: where to park the many planes on the ground?

Flight activity dropped by 70%: the impact will be devastating on the airport system

Among the many problems that the air transport system must face to overcome the crisis caused by Covid-19, there is the parking of the aircraft. Usually a large part of them are in flight, while others move along the various components of each airport, but the drop in demand and the blocking of flights is generating another need: where to park all these planes?

Today is the news that the Copenhagen airport operator is transforming two of the three runways of its airport into parking areas. In this way, the city's airport will be usable only with a 22 left or 04 right runway that will be kept open for both take-offs and landings. In a press release, the manager stressed that we are faced with phenomena that we had never seen before: while in the first days of March the drop had been about 30%, in the last few days a 70% decrease in flight activity, much above specified the note, of what happened after September 11.

Hence the need to reconvert the two runways to ensure parking slots for those airplanes that are not operated, not only by the national airline but also by other carriers that still need to allocate their aircraft. In this way the airport of the Danish capital will be usable only with a runway: the 22 Left or the 04 Right, which will be kept open for both take-offs and landings. In addition, the company that manages the airport has already placed 1,500 of its 2600 employees on forced holidays. Also in the same note it is highlighted that "the phenomenon seems destined to last for months".

The impact of Covid-19 is also likely to be devastating on the Italian airport system, where many airports were already operating on the edge of financial subsistence. The Government, put the support of the nationalization to Alitalia, will have to deal with a problem that most likely to be much greater in size and complexity.

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