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Boeing estimate: USD 60bn to save the US aerospace industry

A partisan vision that wants to position the Seattle company as a leader in the entire sector

“A minimum of USD 60 billions in public and private liquidity, including adequate loan guarantees, is needed for the aerospace and air transport industry. This is the most effective way to support carriers, airports, suppliers and manufacturers to start again with their activities". With these direct and self-referenced words Boeing wrote to the White House and to Congress indicating its solution to ferry out of the financial storm generated by the Covid-19 the American aeronautical and space sector.

Boeing declared it "To appreciate the support by the President and the Administration for the 2.5 million jobs and the 17,000 suppliers" that make up the entire US sector, and offers its support to "evaluate the legislative interventions and the most strategic appropriate to preserve the dominant role of the United States". An offer of support that seems very interested and would certainly end up decisively addressing the technical-political decisions of the USA government that cannot be missing. It is evident to many observers that the Seattle's aerospace giant attempt to drown in the Covid-19 storm all the technical and managerial problems that have plagued it over the past two years, attributable to the 737 MAX, but also to the failures of space programs. These attempts at political recovery, AVIONEWS notes, are matched by the disastrous data coming from Wall Street for Boeing: -18.50% in a single day while from the beginning of March the stock has left 55% on the ground.

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