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Perhaps the Russian Armed Forces will have the S-500s in 2021

The deputy minister Krivoruchko said it. Meanwhile Ankara activates the first batteries of its S-400

The first units of the S-500 advanced anti-aircraft missile system could be delivered to the Moscow Armed Forces as early as next year, according to deputy defense minister Alexei Krivoruchko declared it recently, in an interview taken by the Russian press. So according to a State contract the first deliveries are precisely scheduled for 2021 (well in advance of the forecasts that reported in 2025), while those on a large scale will be spread in the following years. According to the general designer Almaz-Antey Pavel Sozinov, the S-500s will be able to intercept targets hundreds of kilometers above the Earth (being able to operate even outside the Earth's atmosphere), far exceeding "all similar missile systems, created or designed so far in developed countries". The system will also include a large number of various target detection and interception tools, as well as surface-to-air guided missiles; "it will perform a wide range of tasks for both air defense and ballistic missile defense of all types", he stressed it.

The S-500 will complement the predecessor S-400, sold in its variant for export to various countries including China, Saudi Arabia, India, and also to Turkey under the terms of a contract suffered until the end for the constant and fierce interference by the Americans, who by any means attempted to block the agreement, which was however signed, allowing the delivery of the first batch to Ankara in July last year. It is news of these hours that the country has started the activation of the first batteries, while the displacement of the various elements of the system continues.

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