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Airplanes. India, Covid-19 pandemic urges Indigo to fire staff

Few passengers in Asian country: Gurgaon based company annonunces measures

Layoffs and new airplanes to prepare. Indigo, one of the most important private carrier of India, annonunced yesterday that 10% staff will be fired due to coronavirus. Situation was serious at the beginning of this emergency, CEO Ronojoy Dutta said. New Dehli introduced new restrictions to stop pandemy but they had a bad impact on civil aviation, just like other governments and companies made worldwide. 

Layoffs could have other negative consequences, in fact Indigo represents almost half of all Indian market. Last year, workforce was about 23,000 employers, so at least 2400 people will remain at home. Dutta was very clear, he explained airline can face only this way a real economic “storm”. It’s first time Indigo fires staff. Indian activities reopend on May 25 after lockdown, even if passengers are still very few after two months. Gurgaon carrier tried to improve the situation, mainly with 25% discount on nurses and doctors tickets. Indigo tried also to cut wages and free leavings, but these savings are not enough to have more earnings. The entire Indian economy, however, is in pain. International Monetary Fund talked about a 4.5% loss in all 2020, a very bad forecast for this country.

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