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Qatar Airways seeks 5 billion dollars from 4 Arabian Nations

Doha airline reported an aerial block forced to Qatar

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt: Qatar Airways launched an international arbitration against these 4 nations. Doha air company decided to seek a compensation because of air, sea and terrestrial block that Qatar had to face. Asian airline asked 5 billion dollars (4,32 billion Euros) after investments and development were ruined from this block. Explanation of Qatar Airways is very simple: all 4 countries would have boycotted Qatari company from their markets, avoiding aerial space flights.

Official note is clear: “For three decades, Qatar Airways made substantial investments in the four blockading Countries in order to serve hundreds of thousands of passengers and to transport tens of thousands of tons of cargo. Starting on 2017, without prior warning, there were measures targeting Qatar Airways and its operations”.

There was also the revocation of licenses to operate in these 4 States, in addition to airports’ closures. Some days ago, airline was very satisfied about Justice International Court sentence: Icao (International Civil Aviation Organization) Council can now analyze all controversy about Chicago Convention. Compensation is based on three different treaties, OIC investment agreement, Arabian investment agreement and bilateral agreement between Qatar and Egypt.

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