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There is an airplane transformed into a supermarket in China

The aircraft was produced in ex-USSR and hosts a cafeteria

Shopping at the supermarket can be also on board. The inhabitants of Oucheng Garden, one of the main areas of the Chinese city of Chengdu, know this perfectly. It's here that an old plane was transformed into a commercial shop with lots of refrigerated counters and shelves to buy food. One of the neighborhood real estate agencies was intrigued from the project after learning about this four-engine Il-18 that was produced in the ex-USSR and that is "living" a second life after retiring. The renovation allowed to build a sort of well-stocked food which also has a cafeteria inside. The surrounding environment, then, is characterized by a large garden and a swimming pool.

The aircraft is an Ilyushin Il-18, a medium-range turboprop four-engine engine manufactured in the Soviet Union in the 1950s. The first flight ever dates back to 1957 and the production lasted until the end of the Sixties. There are about 200 planes of this kind currently in service, after it was exported to the various countries that had signed the Warsaw Pact. A very symilar case if the one of McDonald's which is located in New Zealand, created inside a disused airliner.

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