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Russia: the head of United Aircraft Corporation meets Putin

To report on the aircraft production of the national aerospace industrial center UAC

Yury Slyusar, President of the Russian United Aircraft Corporation, an industrial reality that brings together about thirty national aeronautical and aerospace companies and part of Rostec State Corporation, met President Vladimir Putin yesterday. During the working meeting, he reported on the progress of the financial recovery of the pole, and on the plans of the aircraft currently under construction, updating or development in the various plants located in the country.

Of particular interest to AVIONEWS were the details of the new means that will soon be in the skies during the test phase. We report them as Slyusar illustrated them:

- Il-114-300 with TV7-117ST engine: the plane has already been assembled, is being tested on the ground and is preparing for the inaugural flight planned for September, as scheduled in Zhukovsky, in the Moscow region. Parallel to the preparation of the first flight, bench and ground tests are in progress. An after-sales assistance system was also created, as well as a training facility for pilots and technicians. According to the specifications described, the airplane is designed for 68 passengers and will fly at a speed of 500 km/h. It can use unpaved runways, does not require a lot of ground equipment, and has an integrated maintenance system. At the Lukhovitsy aeronautical plant, UAC plans to produce up to 12 units per year. "This model will be in great demand because it is strongly needed in particular in remote regions. Worthy replacement for the Canadian Antonov An-24s and Q-400s. In addition to the civilian version, we plan to make another version for our special customers", Slyusar said it.

- The second debut in the year will be the take-off in Taganrog (probably at the end of August), of a deeply modernized variant of the well-known Tu-95, or a missile carrier on which new weapon systems and new on-board equipment are installed, as well as with modified engines. "The fighting capabilities after modernization have doubled. The new version is not just based on the old airframe. But we have modified and strengthened the wings". Slyusar continues: "The aircraft has new armaments, new on-board electronic equipment, new modified engines, and new propellers. After the flight tests other ones will follow and we are planning an important update of the entire fleet of strategic long-range missile carriers, and we will continue along this path". 

- Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik-B "Hunter-B", UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle, Remotely controlled unmanned combat aircraft). The president of UAC describes it thus: "our heavy attack drone with unprecedented capabilities, with the largest combat flight range, the largest range of weapons, the widest range of equipment. The aircraft of this class they are designed and manufactured only by two countries, the United States and China. The Ministry of Defense has instructed us to speed up design and testing as much as possible so that deliveries start as early as 2024. Therefore, we are now actively working on this. program".

- Another important launch, also scheduled for this year, is the flight of the MC-21 (or MS-21, a short-medium-range narrow-body civil aircraft), with a Russian-made PD-14 engine. "We have to complete the project by the end of this year. The new engines have already been installed on the aircraft at the Irkutsk plant, and are now undergoing the necessary tests, so in fact the new MC-21 aircraft with the most recent PD-14 engine already certified (see AVIONEWS), will fly soon. It is expected to enter service for 2021, or one year later than expected due to the effects of US sanctions on suppliers and production plants (see AVIONEWS).

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