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Romania could save Tarom airline

Flag carrier may soon receive State aid

A small glimpse: for Tarom, flag carrier of Romania, a less uncertain future can be imagined after what was discussed today at the Ministry of Transport during a public debate. The ministry examined the State aid to be granted to the Compania Națională de Transporturi Aeriene Române and to Blue Air, a national low-cost airline. Both have been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis and the numbers are eloquent. Tarom needs almost 313 million Lei (just under 65 million Euros), while Blue Air could be saved with 300 million Lei.

Bucharest is willing to financially support the flag carrier, in particular the important operating expenses. The ministry is confident of the failure of the two airlines in the absence of aid, which is why there will be two guarantee agreements detailing the parties' rights and obligations, in addition to the terms of State aid. Tarom registered slightly more than 93 thousand passengers in March 2020, with a drop compared to the same period of a year ago 57 percentage points. In a nutshell, the Romanian airline will be saved as it can boast a fleet of planes capable of providing an adequate financial flow.

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